Water-Jet Powered Car



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  • Pneumatic hydraulic engines
  • Create your own air and water pressure-based models
  • Create 15 distinct models
  • Compete with your friends to see who can go the furthest on a water jet-propelled vehicle or hydro pneumatic car.
  • Kit comes with everything you need


To understand the laws of physics, create your own models powered by air and water pressure. This one-of-a-kind kit lets you construct two separate air-and-water-powered systems: water jet cars and hydro pneumatic (which simply means air pressure and water pressure) engines.

A self-contained air-andwater turbine system as a motor is used in the hydro-pneumo system. Make 15 different models, including a truck, excavator, radar car, tank, antique car, helicopter, motorbike, backhoe, rocket car, forklift.

Water-jet-propelled automobiles are an entertaining outdoor activity, but self-contained hydro-pneumo powered versions are enjoyable both indoors and out. Compete with your friends to see whose water-jet automobile goes the quickest!