The Amazing Clock Kit



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  • LEARN BY DOING: Allow your child to discover how clocks function by creating one himself or herself. Discover how gears operate, what the pendulum does, why the arms move, and how the bell works.
  • YOUR CHILD WILL ENJOY: After creating their own little clock, your child will feel like an engineer. It can run for up to 6 hours on a windup.
  • COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT: After constructing it, children can continue learning since it is completely transparent. They’ll notice how the pieces work together to keep time.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: This kit has everything you’ll need to construct a clock, including no tools or batteries required! Spin the gears, admire the springs, observe the arms & bell.
  • The educational value of constructing this clock is just as great as it is fun to construct!


The Amazing Clock Kit is a great way to make education fun for kids!

The child will learn important skills such as the scientific nature of clocks by creating this bright DIY clock.

No tools or batteries needed!

This may be a kid’s first clock, and it’s a fantastic learning project. The kit comes with 31 pieces and detailed instructions (both words and images) to help you put it together.

Promotes cognitive development from learning by doing.

The pendulum clock may be seen as a regular timepiece, and children can relate it to a grandfather clock.