Speed Cube 3×3 Smooth Turning Magic Cube



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  • ABS Materials
  • This cube is designed for speed with smooth turning, enhanced rotations, and anti-pop structure. You will be able to turn this cube quicker than other cubes.
  • A popular intelligent toy, the speed cube is enjoyed by 1.4 billion people worldwide. Playing with a speed cube can help develop your thinking and three-dimensional ability, improve your fingers’ dexterity and coordination, and enhance your memory.
  • Our speed cube is unique because it has frosted fluorescent stickers which provide excellent hand feel and vivid colors. It’s also the standard size of 2.2×2.2×2.2 inches, but if that’s not comfortable for you, don’t worry! The puzzle cube is adjustable to fit anyone perfectly.
  • Whether you’ve ever played before or not, you will be charmed by our speed cube once you pick it up and start to play with it. The speed cube 3×3 is a fantastic present for both children and adults to improve their cognitive abilities; for individuals under pressure at work to relieve stress; old men to maintain brain function.