Rocket HD Camera & Holder



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  • Do you want to play with map creation or try something new? Do you want to capture a sunrise from apogee? Perhaps it’s just for record purposes, but maybe you’re curious about the thunderous launches. The AstroCam was built specifically to capture spectacular launches and breath-taking views, regardless of your motives. Any rocket may be used with the Universal AstroCam.
  • Ready to capture from takeoff through landing
  • Make a film of your launch to reveal further information about the flight of your rocket
  • Capture amazing videos to share with your friends
  • Examine your designs and make improvements where necessary for future flights.


From Alexander Buick our Network member who recommended this product!

The Estes Astrocam is a simple, easy to use piece of technology on your next rocket launch. It is essentially a camera for your rocket with a built-in USB connector to allow you to plug it directly into your computer after launch. It is very beginner friendly however my one criticism is that I don’t trust the resources it gives you will ensure it doesn’t fall off your rocket. To prevent this, I duct-taped it onto the rocket. Another thing to note is it has a 30min battery life, so if you accidentally leave the camera running and wait too long to launch it may die before launch. In the footage I got from it below, the moment it stopped was the moment the camera battery died.

Alexanders’ Rocket Launch!



Footage of my rocket with Astrocam