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Course: Other Minds (10 sessions)
Type: Online live classes
Provider: Art of Inquiry
Your chance to be taught by Cognitive Psychologist Emer Gentway
When: This course requires a minimum of 5 students to begin. Starting in January 2023.   Book your place now!
Age Suitability: Suitable for 10-12 year olds.
Capacity: 10 students maximum

Course Overview

What is reality? How do we perceive it? How is it perceived by animals? How could it be perceived by artificial intelligence (AI) or a creature from another solar system? Do we live in a dream? Are we the smartest creatures on the planet? What does it mean to be smart? Is our mind easily tricked? What are the differences and similarities between an animal, human, and artificial intelligence? Can you read a human mind? An animal mind?

We explore these and other questions about various types of known and possible forms of intelligence. Get ready to experiment with your own mind as you go. Our examples will cover the unique brain of an octopus, the life of ants and naked moles, perception in animals and robots, Neuralink news, and video games for space travel.

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