Everyday Science with Dr. Chris



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Course: Everyday Science series (10 sessions)
Type: Online live classes
Provider: Dr Chris STEAM Lab
Teacher: Dr Chris Ferrie
When: This course requires a minimum of 8 students to begin running on Saturdays at 3pm PT starting in January 2023.  Book your place now!
Age Suitability: 6-10 years
Capacity: Limited to 20 students
Extras: This course includes a companion materials box of Everyday Science to be used during the class (shipping included in the course price).

Course Overview

The Everyday Science course is one of the most exciting courses that Dr. Chris STEAM Lab offers. Designed by Dr. Chris Ferrie, this 10-lesson series introduces one exciting science topic each week for ten weeks. Each topic is an area of science connected to our everyday life.

Topics include:

  • Optics: the science of light, including mirrors, lenses, colors, and how rainbows are formed!
  • Electricity: the science of our most common form of energy, including the zaps you get from static charges!
  • Waves: the science of the movement of water and sound!
  • Forces: and the concepts behind the science of motion!
  • Aerodynamics: the science of flight and how big airplanes can fly!
  • Statistics: the science of how the small details explain the big world!
  • General relativity: the science of gravity, space, and time!
  • Special relativity: the science of relative motion and why things look different for everyone!
  • Atoms: the science of the building blocks of our world!
  • Radioactivity: the science of how the power of atoms can be used to help us!


Each week, students will learn a science concept, a scientist story, read one of Dr. Chris’ books together, play fun science games, and make a science toy that exemplifies the concept being learned. Each lesson combines scientific knowledge with handicrafts. For example, students will learn about electricity by making a lighthouse and learn about optics by making a kaleidoscope. The course will help kids improve hands-on abilities, rational thinking, and innovation.

The class will be held online via Zoom and is ideal for children aged 7-10 but suitable for younger children capable of handcrafting or with some assistance.

Each course has a dedicated science box containing course crafting materials, study manuals, common tools, and a Dr. Chris sticker.

To learn more about Dr. Chris please visit his profile page Dr. Chris Steam Labs 

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