Dr. Chris Ferrie
Founder & CEO
Dr Chris STEAM Labs

Dr. Chris Ferrie is a physicist, mathematician, researcher, children’s book author and father of four budding young scientists. He obtained his doctorate in Mathematical Physics from University of Waterloo, Canada, and is currently an associate professor at University of Technology, Sydney.

Dr Chris is the creator and author of Quantum Physics for Babies and many more science books for young learners. He has now published more than 40 books in English, introducing complex subjects to children with simple illustrations. Dr Chris has also released video episodes and publications for young learners in China, including a 50 book series, Red Kangaroo Thousands Physics Whys.

Founded by Dr. Chris and his team, Dr. Chris STEAM Lab is on a mission to encourage kids to fall in love with science from a very young age by delivering STEAM courses for primary school students.

Dr. Chris became a quantum physicist through many years of study and practice. If you find something you are passionate about, and practice the skills needed to achieve your goals, you can do anything — even be a quantum physicist!

Over 50 books!

Pythagorean Theorem for Babies is available now and the ABCs of Geography will be available 1 November 2022.

Yes. Dr. Chris has four children between the ages of 6 and 12.

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