Design Thinking: Mission ENDEAVOR Intermediate



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Course: Art Cadets: Mission ENDEAVOR Intermediate (4 sessions)
Type: Online live classes
Provider: Art Cadets presented by Young Art
Teacher: Art Cadet Master Artists
When: starting January 2023
Available time to select from:
Mondays 5-6pm PST
Saturdays 9-10am PST
Age Suitability: 8-12 year olds
Capacity: 15 students maximum

Course Overview

Art Cadets courses will invigorate your students to solve futuristic issues focusing on Visual Arts and Design Terminology. In Mission: ENDEAVOR, we will work together to draw a prototype spacecraft that will travel to the Gas Giants of our solar system. Utilizing engaging scenarios and prompts, we will create numerous ideas to solve the problem as a team, then refine and finalize the image to complete our illustration.

This class is designed to create critical thinking opportunities which students will use to aesthetically interpret their own answers to real-world problems. Students will be given prompts that encourage them to approach their answers with both divergent and convergent thinking strategies. As a starting point, they will create multiple solutions to problems that can be solved with visual techniques and design, then refine their ideas through discussion and collaboration to explore different answers and work past blocks to create the best possible imagery.

Students will work with both digital and traditional media to explore a variety of concepts – collaborating with thumbnail sketches in a virtual whiteboard space where they can alter, comment on, and modify their images in real-time.

Session Details:

  • Session 1: Scenario – students will meet with their Instructor(s) (Design Mentors) and begin to navigate the digital whiteboard space where they will implement their ideas. We will explore the many tools and techniques offered and show students how to effectively collaborate within a digital visual environment. Basic techniques including Value Shading and Color Theory will be covered. Figures and Modifiers – Students will learn the differences between Line, Shape, and Form, by experimenting in modifying these figures with Texture, Value, and Color.
  • Session 2: Thumbnail Sketching – we will work together to come up with numerous preliminary thumbnail prototypes in answer to the prompt. Design Mentors will be available to guide students and help them implement the variety of digital and traditional media tools effectively. Depth and Viewpoints – Using the Element of Space, students will explore the illusion of depth in two-dimensional artwork through size, overlap, detail, placement, and value.
  • Session 3: Share Session – We will present our series of images, giving each student a chance to share their best ideas, explain their aesthetic choices, and collaborate on a decision that will best help their progress. Contrast and Unity – Students will create a composition that utilizes both differences and similarities to create an aesthetically pleasing non-objective subject.
  • Session 4: Using the best ideas and concepts from the Share Session, students will further refine their original prototype into a completed digital or traditional composition utilizing Color and Value. Rhythm and Pattern – By building off of the knowledge gained in previous sessions, students will create a visual pattern of their choosing that can be used for any number of purposes!


About the Teachers

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Materials Needed for Art Cadets Courses

Pencils, Paper

Traditional Materials: art paper, your favorite coloring supplies (Markers, Colored Pencils, Oil Pastels or similar)

Digital Media: if the student has a tablet and stylus this would be excellent, but if not, a mouse or trackpad can also be used for drawing