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Dan Lakis
Founder 3DM
Co Founder Astra Nova

Dan is a professional educator and pioneer in the digital learning ecosystem. He holds a Master’s degree in International Economics and International Management from UC San Diego, USA.

Dan Lakis was the Vice Principal and a founding teacher at Ad Astra, the school created by Josh Dahn for the education of Elon Musk’s children. Ad Astra evolved to become Astra Nova School, which was co-founded by Dan and offers pioneering online learning experiences for students around the world.

Dan was also among the first facilitators for Synthesis School, an online enrichment program for ages 8 to 14 with a mission to nurture future innovators. He also performs data analysis on big data as a Senior Research Associate for GoGuardian, a company that provides solutions for safeguarding digital learning spaces.  

Leveraging Dan’s industry-tested data analysis experience, the Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) series is designed to grow student’s data science and problem solving skills. The first courses will focus on the foundational skills necessary to do data analysis in Google Sheets while the advanced courses will be based in industry standard data science coding languages (SQL and Python). Equally important to Dan, he will use the concepts in 3DM and his near decade-long teaching experience to coach students on communication, accountability, and how to actively pursue a growth mindset.

Dan Lakis FAQ's

While Dan was always involved in teaching whether it was as a graduate school teaching assistant or running youth climbing teams. However, he became a professional teacher when he joined the team at Ad Astra School as a founding teacher and the Vice Principal almost 10 years ago.

3DM stands for Data Driven Decision Making. This is a course which builds the skills necessary to use data to make better informed decisions.

Dan wants to support a better future where people are able to use the best tools to solve the toughest problems. One of the most powerful tools we have to solve problems is an ability to understand data and apply learnings to make better choices. That is what Dan teaches in 3DM.


Dan taught 3DM, Pre Algebra, Geometry, AFRAME (a design thinking and building class), and other electives. All classes were taught to students age 7 – 14.


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