Blokus Trigon Game



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  • Blokus Trigon adds a new twist to the classic Blokus game!
  • The aim is to place the most pieces on the board.
  • Take care, because you are always on the verge of being blocked and disrupted!
  • Stake your claim and defend your territory.
  • This is a fantastic family strategy game!


Blokus meets a challenging twist with this modern spin on the classic block game! You must make three Triangular Trigon pieces touch one another at least once in order to win. New methods are always developing as angles jut out in all directions. Consider carefully! You may be blocked and block others at any time! When no more pieces can be put down, the game is finished, and the player with the lowest amount of pieces remaining wins! It’s simple to learn and difficult to master. For two to four players, ages seven and up. Recessed game board, 88 Trigon pieces in four brilliant translucent colors, and instructions are included.