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Julia Brodsky
Founder & CEO
Art of Inquiry

Julia Brodsky is a STEM education researcher at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, a former NASA astronaut instructor, independent school teacher, educational consultant for gifted students, and a homeschooling mom of a special needs child.  Julia introduces young learners to space exploration, astrobiology, and artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to develop their scientific reasoning, systems thinking and questioning skills.

Julia’s academic training is in astrophysics and science education. Julia worked with United Space Alliance on a contract with NASA to train crew for the International Space Station (ISS). While there, she also received NASA training on subjects including curriculum development, aerospace engineering and international negotiations. 

Julia is also an author, with publications in maths education, is a co-founder of an educational non-profit Earthlings Hub for refugee kids, and a Forbes Education contributor.

What Art of Inquiry Students are Saying

Astrobiology is unique. It is the study of us, and life among the stars. It brings together social studies, space studies, and biology. It brings us together!
O., student
These lessons add meaning to my life
N., student
You made me really think into things that I thought had simple answers
S., student
I really loved the complexity and emergence topic as well as the Golden Record! The complexity and emergence topic gave me a name for the things I like to think about. The Golden Record gave me an opportunity to think about the complexity of our current human knowledge (it’s aweing!).
H.H., student
You taught us the most difficult thing - how to translate questions and ideas into motivation, and then into a real project
Q., student

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