3DM Level 1 with Dan Lakis



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Course: Data Driven Decision Making Course One – 3DM Level 1 (10 sessions)
Type: Online live classes
Provider: 3DM
Your chance to be taught by Dan Lakis Vice Principal and Founding Teacher at Ad Astra School on the campus of SpaceX
When: Starting 22 June 2023 at 5pm PST
Age Suitability: 10-12 year olds
Capacity: 10 students maximum

Course Overview

Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) is a course designed by Dan Lakis when he was the Vice Principal and Founding Teacher at Ad Astra School on the campus of SpaceX.

Many future skills rankings include things like “Computational Thinking”, “Sense Making”, and “Design Mindset”. These represent an ability to take a problem, make sense of the problem by breaking it into smaller parts, design a process to solve the problem, and then use numbers to come to a solution.

This class is designed to support growth in those critical skills. Students will be given practice at solving large and unwieldy problems. As a starting point, they will learn skills in Google Sheets which will allow them to use numbers to come to supportable solutions. This is a unique class that has been taught and refined over 7 years teaching in one of the most innovative school environments on the planet.  Dan is looking forward to continuing to share these concepts with students across the world through The Network.

In this first level of 3DM, the focus will be on building skills in data analysis and critical thinking while young learners also gain knowledge and a framework for comparing countries around the globe. These skills will be necessary to engage with future 3DM classes where we will focus on using data to support decision-making using Google Sheets (3DM II) and eventually expanding to leverage SQL and Python (industry standard data science coding languages) to perform our analyses (3DM III).

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Course Syllabus
Week Date Topic Skill
1 6/22 Population Intro to Google Sheets, Cell References, Filters
2 6/29 Area Bar Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts
3 7/6 Population Density Formulas
4 7/20 GDP & GDP Per Capita Best Practices and Formulas II
5 7/27 CO2 Intro to Forecasting
6 8/13 Literacy Rates Conditional Formatting and Locking Cells
7 8/10 Life Expectancy Weighted Averages
8 8/17 Income Inequality Review
9 8/24 Final Project Intro Model Building
10 8/31 Final Project Completion Model Building & Google Slides Intro